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Data Center "Holistic" Certification

Demand for information technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and it takes power and cooling to drive it. It’s also true that availability ranks far higher than energy efficiency in any data center manager’s priority list. Many IT personnel have told me that if their infrastructure fails, they may lose their jobs as well.

IT professionals have more to consider today than in the past. Systems becoming more complicated, societies’ need for instant access to information, and the rapid change in technology, are just a few of the items. Also all the infrastructure equipment supporting the IT equipment that used to be managed by a “Facility Department,” is now most often laid squarely on the shoulders of the IT department.

With all of this responsibility comes stress. Two helpful stress relievers are software and training specifically designed to aid people at looking at the Data Center as a whole. DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software is still in its infancy, but has huge advantages in Data Center uptime and management. As time progresses, DCIM will be the norm and personnel trained in using DCIM will become invaluable to organizations and their efforts.

Specialized training has emerged recently, like the ones at the Uptime Institute (www.uptimeinstitute.com/trainings), that help develop technical skills required to successfully implement and manage the various Tier levels of Data Center uptime deployment. This infrastructure “holistic” approach may be required for Data Center Managers in the near future and may be as important as a college education is today. Only time will tell.