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Great news! Guardian Power has gone social

Great news! Guardian Power has gone social and also launched a new website at www.GuardianPower.com!! In keeping with our goal to provide you cutting-edge products and services, we want to take this opportunity to let you know where you can find us online and join in our conversation.

The new Website was designed to be minimalistic with a clean, uncluttered look which is a much easier to navigate. It focuses a lot more on content and experience and helps users get the information they need quickly and easily. Our strong beliefs that Data Center Design, Installation, and Maintenance is made up of many elements, much like a DNA strand, is reflected within the website pages.

Our social sites will bring you relevant and informative industry news and articles, announcements about upcoming events, a first look at new products and services, as well as another channel of communications where you can ask any questions you may have related to our industry and/or our products and services. We aim to be your “go to” resource for all things related to Data Center Infrastructure and services.

To help us be the very best, we welcome and encourage you to send us suggestions on any additional type of information you would be interested in receiving from us. If there is a way we can make your experience better, we want to do that!

Where to find us:
I also invite you to connect with me personally on LinkedIn:

Thank you very much for your continued support of our business and we look forward to seeing you online.