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Statistics show that 80% of UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems. Preventing battery failure is essential for delivering maximum availability and effective data center management. Our battery monitoring systems offers permanent and continuous monitoring for stand-by battery installations. It makes use of a modular hardware approach to combine accuracy and safety with ease of installation. With options for various battery types and sizes, a range of communication choices, and an enterprise level software package, Guardian Power can provide solutions tailored to exactly match your batteries.

Features Include:

• Visibility to individual string & individual monoblock level
• Visibility of both real-time and historic battery data
• Automated alarm management
• Rapid, automated data sampling & logging
• User-defined alarm limits
• Flexible to suit battery model & application
• Thermal runaway detection
• SNMP & Modbus integration
• UPS intermittent charging compatibility
• Designed to allow IEEE/IEC best practice

Guardian Power provides cutting edge battery monitoring solutions utilizing pioneering battery monitoring technologies, networking, and informatics platform. There is no stronger endorsement of the products we use than having thousands of installations around the world utilizing our battery monitoring technologies.