Product Acquisition

3D illustration of server room in data center full of telecommunication equipment,concept of big data storage and  cloud 
computing technology.

Some of the Products Provided:

  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Batteries and Battery Systems
  • Generators
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Access Flooring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Product Acquisition

Outfitting your data center with high quality, dependable equipment could be the difference between success and failure. Before we equip any data center, we ask our clients the right questions and use the answers to tailor solutions that precisely match the requirements of their mission critical facility. Having decades of experience allows us to confidently recommend rock-solid solutions.

Whether we’re equipping your data center with new or remanufactured equipment, our goal is always to deliver exceptional value. And, being vendor neutral, we select equipment based on our client’s needs – not arbitrary loyalty to a specific manufacturer.

When budgetary constraints or swift delivery requirements are driving your purchasing decisions, remanufactured equipment could be the answer. As a provider of electrical infrastructure for data centers, including UPS, ATS, PDU’s, and Switchgear, we offer an array of options that assure quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency.


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Why Choose Us

What We Do

We provide everything for your data center or critical facility from the latest mechanical and electrical products, to managed maintenance, design and construction management, to integration, commissioning, and remote monitoring. Guardian Power makes certain that every link in your data center or business-critical infrastructure chain has the strength and resiliency needed in today’s global economy.

Who Are We

Since 1997, the company has helped improve the resiliency of mission-critical facilities for many of the world’s largest organizations. From our corporate headquarters in Murrieta, California, Guardian Power’s teams work to fulfill their mission…

Why Choose Us

Known for our quality, innovation and industry leading service and support, Guardian Power has a long list of accolades in its industry. Not satisfied with this, Guardian Power is working diligently to achieve its corporate mission of exceeding each customer’s expectations by improving the manageability, availability, and performance of physical infrastructure systems through innovative solutions, services, and strategies to real customer problems.


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