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Battery and Battery Systems

Guardian Power offers only the highest quality VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and flooded batteries (Wet Cells), monitoring, and service to ensure the continuity of your vital operations. Guardian Power is recognized as an expert in Battery Maintenance and Replacement solutions for both VRLA and Wet Cell battery systems. Guardian Power’s battery inspection program ensures the reliability, safety, and integrity of the battery system and its supported equipment. We are also committed to a sustainable global environment, so per EPA guidelines, all spent battery cores are sent to an EPA-approved facility for recycling and reuse.

Guardian Power Benefits

• Since Guardian Power also services and supports the equipment supported by the batteries, we better understand the interactions between the batteries and equipment.
• All of our battery services are handled “in-house” so we can ensure the best quality installations with the most reliable battery systems.
• Our experience handling complex battery installation and replacement projects ensures we can provide your project the best care and support with the assurance of meeting your objectives.