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Lighting UPS Systems / Inverters

Lighting UPS systems are different than traditional UPS systems for computer related equipment. A lighting inverter is an electronic system that provides back-up for lighting systems and governed by UL924 Standards. Only lighting inverters that have been tested and certified to this standard can be used. Lighting inverters differ in switch time, voltage regulation, and power conditioning. Some inverters may take up to 10 seconds to respond to a power outage, while others provide a seamless transfer. The seamless transfer systems provide the kind of power necessary for HID, lighting control, and alarm circuits.

Since Guardian Power works with multiple manufacturers, we can specify the right system for your application to meet your current and future needs. Since we service these units, we also know which systems provide you the best reliability independent of the manufacturer. This distinction has great advantages for our customers. It allows Guardian Power to be completely objective and unbiased in our recommendations and solutions. We are the customer’s advocate and not necessarily any specific manufacturers.