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Data center management is tasked with keeping a finger on the pulse of an environment that is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage and an environment that is becoming much more critical to the survival and competitiveness of the enterprise. Two goals of data center monitoring is to provide an IT view into the data center facility to provide an accurate real-time picture of the current state of the critical infrastructure, and secondly to identify facility issues before they become serious problems.

A primary concern for IT management is choosing how to correctly size the overall data center infrastructure. This choice requires accurate and complete data and intelligent interpretation of this data, where under-provisioning of infrastructure means costly downtime, and over-provisioning means millions of dollars wasted. Data center monitoring provides IT management with access to capacity information that can more accurately predict future requirements. Energy efficiency can also be improved by consistently monitoring the impact of infrastructure changes using accurate real-time data.

The data center infrastructure is a rapidly-evolving entity that contains sophisticated devices from a wide range of manufacturers. Each piece of equipment must be understood – whether it is functioning well on a day-to-day basis, how it fits into and supports the overall environment and how the environment and the applications and systems it supports will be impacted if it fails. Alerts from all of this data center equipment must be sifted through to get a true understanding of the environment and to make good decisions about changes that need to be addressed or actions that need to made.

Whether your resources are located in one room or in building complexes around the world, Guardian Power matches solutions to your current facility size that can scale as your resources expand. Our solutions have intuitive user interfaces that simplify complex management and monitoring challenges, providing a common connection between systems and equipment.

Guardian Power’s leak detection equipment, facility monitoring, and integration solutions proactively and reliably protect your facilities, assuring the availability of business-critical resources.