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Power Distribution

Power distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electricity to the critical equipment. The growing complexity of IT environments, from wiring closets and server rooms to data centers of all sizes, has increased the need for reliable power distribution. Eliminating power management issues is essential to maintain system availability of increasing higher density equipment. Power Distribution and Power Distribution Units (PDU) are an essential element in managing power capacity and functionality.

Guardian Power provides a wide array of power distribution solutions for your IT environment.

This includes:
• Rack Distribution – This is typically Rack-Mounted “power strips” within a 2-post, 4-post, or server cabinet
• Row Distribution – These can be either standalone cabinets that are typically within the rack row or they are overhead buss work.
• Room Distribution – These are standalone cabinets that support entire rooms of equipment and have multiple power panels.
• Transfer Switches – These switches can be rack-mounted or wall-mounted depending of use and size. These switches can transfer the critical load between two sources.
• Power Cables – These cables supply power from your power source (PDU, Panel, etc.) to your critical equipment. They can be under a raised floor, over head in troughs, or used with hard conduit.